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Drawing series  ''Inner Dialogues''

'' Know newself ''
'' Serenity ''
'' So Long ''
'' The observer ''
'' Fruitful ''
'' Face to Face ''
'' Pause ''
'' Permanent  Friend ''
''Enjoy the silence''
'' Is This Happiness  '' ?
'' aRe E aM ''
'' Here to stay ''

                         Drawing series  ''Know your Limits''

             -Limits and human relationships-


    ‘’When you love you forgive (again and again)’’.

     When you think  you love you forgive (again and again).

     When you forgive(again and again) you think you love the other but you don’ t really love yourself-

     If you cannot love yourself you cannot love the other.

     You put limits for loving yourself once you respect yourself.So as to love the other in a genuine and healthy way.

     So as to love  and  to  be loved.




Linoleum engraving series ''Amours Obscures''

                  Video Art

*A sample of my work.To see the total of my video art work & more of my painting /drawing (+engraving) work  contact me via contact button.

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